MINISO Solid Color Luggage Tag Silicone Travel Bags, Purple

  • $4.45

1.MINISO luggage tag to provide identification to the luggage bag.

2.Material: Silicone.The silicone body is flexible, lightweight yet offers to strong and durable.

3.You can use this tag on the travel bags, suitcases, boxes, school bags or luggages.

4.The luggage tag helps in finding luggage easier.

5.Luggage tags are mainly used by travel enthusiasts or those who travel a lot related to work or leisure.

Using a luggage tag helps in identifying your luggage bag. This MINISO luggage tag is to put it on the bags while travelling so that your luggage doesnt go missing. The tag features name, address and telephone number columns. A great way to give an identification to your luggage that it belongs to you.

Feature: Eco-friendly silicone, soft and durable, simple and fashionable, easy to carry. It will help you find you luggage easier. You can also put you ID card or bus pass inside.

Material: Silicone, paperboard

Note: 1. Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight. 2. Avoid contact with sharp objects in order to avoid damaging the product. 3. Avoid sharp changes in temperature. 4. Keep away from fire.

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