MINISO Simple Inflatable U-shaped Pillow (Pink)

  • $11.95

MINISO Simple Inflatable U-shaped Pillow (Pink)- Ideal for travelling, napping and resting, portable

1.MINISO Inflatable U-shaped Pillow.

2.Offers great support to the neck when napping.

3.It is travel friendly as you hang up it on the bag loop.

4.Ergonomic design which perfectly fits the necks curve.

5.Small, lightweight, and durable to use/carry.

Give support to your head and neck when napping by using inflatable U-Shaped Neck Pillow by MINISO while travelling. The neck pillow easily fits around the neck curve. It is perfect travel buddy for you as it easy to carry around.

Product features:
Selected two different materials that are suitable for different seasons, Soft and comfortable. Large valve, blows up easily, press valve to let out the air. Easy to use. Detachable valve can be washed. Double- buckle design, adjustable tightness. Convenient when taking nap and traveling. After its use, let the air out, pack it and store it.

Material: Cover: One side (95% Polyester+ 5% Elastane), other side ( 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane)

How to use: Air inflation:
1. Unpack the pillow. 2. Open the inflation inlet. 3. Blow the air inside. 4. Close inflation inlet. 5. Adjust the size and place it around your neck.
Releasing the air: 1.Open the inflation inlet. 2. Press air release button. 3. After all the air is out, close inflation inlet. 4. Fold it and store it.

Note: Keep away from fire and cigarettes. Avoid exposing to the direct sunlight. Product is not washable. Keep in a cool ventilated place. Please put it in a dry and ventilated place. Avoid moisture. Do not expose it to the sun.

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