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MINISO Sequins Christmas Deer Hair Band for Kids

par Miniso CA
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1. Soft and provides secure hold without damage.
2. Get in the Christmas Spirit!
3. Perfect for Christmas Parties
4. Easy and convenient for you to put on and remove, just twist these elastic bands around your hair.
5. Perfect for your Halloween Xmas Easter Holiday party, cute deer ears and small antlers make the antler headband looking vibrant, make your festival more happier.

Lovely Sequins Christmas Deer hair band comfortable to wear in festival Costumes Headwear, fits both kids and adults, men and women.

Material: 80% polyester 20% cotton.
Packaging Materials: Tie card.
Usage: Pull the development ring to the right size and place it over your head.
Feature: Modelling is chic, color is bright, have grumous Christmas breath.
1.Keep away from the fire.
2.Store in a dry place.
3.Damp proof and fire proof.

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