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MINISO Scene Series - Food Court Puzzle

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HIGH QUALITY-The jigsaw puzzles are made of Eco-friendly non-toxic material, sturdy and durable. The round edges are safe for your little ones. Good tactile feeling.
SIMPLE DESIGN&BRIGHT COLORS-The simple design and bright colors are perfect for sparking any imagination, great to challenge kids with this puzzle.
SUITABLE FOR TRAINING CHILDRENS HANDS-ON ABILITY-Solving it themselves helps to keep kids' brain focused and adds creativity to eye-hand coordination and color & shape recognition.
HELPS DEVELOP SKILLS-Jigsaw puzzles quiet the mind and induce a state of creative meditation. Cultivate childrens practical and thinking skills, handy coordination, problem solving.
PERFECT GIFT-The most valuable parent-child game. Intellectual game for adults and kids. Good choice for Birthday and Christmas gives kids an engaging option for screen-free fun.
Packaging Materials:white card paper

DIY assembling toys.

1. Only be used under the supervision of adult.
2. Small parts are contained. Choking hazard. Not for children under three years old

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