MINISO Makeup Remover Pads, 4-layer 100% Cotton 100pcs

  • $4.45
1.Contains 100 Pcs premium-quality cotton pads ensuring your daily facial care.
2.Simply 100% pure natural cotton give gentle and soft care to your skin.
3.4-Layer design makes extra absorbent and rentention.
4.Ideal for removing makeup or nail polish & Great for applying toner, creams and lotions.
5.Pour a proper amount of makeup remover on the cotton pad. Gently wipe your face.

Soft,gentle,and skin-friendly,MINISO 4-layer Makeup Cotton Pad make it easy for you to remove facial makeup in a second. 4 layer design makes it ultra absorbent &; water-saving, ensuring your favorite skin care product never go to waste. Made of premium natural cotton, these soft yet skin-friendly cotton pads are gentle on skin, perfect for all skin type including sensitive skin.
1. Inflammable product, keep away from fire and in the shade.
2. Do not contact with eyes.
3. Keep out of the reach of children;
4. Please do skin test for sensitivity skin or use with caution!

Please store in a dry place with room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.