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MINISO Loofah Sponge with Long Handle

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MINISO Loofah Sponge with Long Handle Bath Sponge for Back and Body - Suitable Loofah Men And Women - Relaxing Shower Sponge - Luffa Sponge Body Scrubber Shower Scrubber Face Sponge Shower Puff

1.Long handle: Perfect For Those Hard To Reach Areas And Helps People With Moving Difficulties.

2.CLEANS BETTER THAN JUST YOUR HANDS: Using This Loofah Sponge Will Remove Dead Dry Skin Clean Pores.

3.High Quality: Your Miniso Bath Sponge Is Held Tightly Together So It Stays Together, So Scrub On!

4.HANGING ROPE: Comes With A Hanging Rope For You To Dry, Reducing Bacteria Build Up With The Loofah.

5.Rich foaming: Remove body dirt and give you a new bathing experience.

Material: Bath Sponge: 100% PE; Handle: PS.
Package Material: Paper.

Warm reminder:There are some errors when measuring the size manually.

1.Apply shower gel on the sponge. Rub until it lathers, and then scrub the body.
2.Non-slip handle allows you to easily use it to reach and wash your back.

1.Avoid corrosive chemicals and keep away from fire.
2.After using, wash and air dry.