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MINISO Hydrating Face Up Sheet Mask

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Title: Soy Milk
Hydrating Sheet Mask with Natural Sakura Botanical Essence. -Contains natural and herbal essence with no preservatives, free of medicines and heavy metals.
Best at Hydrating. -The liquid-based formulas come in many variations that helps you increase the water content on your skin. You could count on this mask for hydration every day.
Maintain Moisture. -Instantly hydrates and revitalizes skin, for a dewy fresh glow.
Normal to Combination Skin. -Suitable for any skin, leaving skin bright and fair.
One Size Fits All. - The skin-tight fabric masks cover all corners of your face. Start at the forehead, and line up with the eyes so you don't get an air pocket.
Pat this lemon super hydrating mask onto your cheeks, moving down toward the chin, wearing 20minutes later, you can find your face looks brighter. This lemon sheet mask is derived from natural lemon botanical essence and can boost moisture levels up high in just 20 minutes, leaving your skin a bright and fair effect. Youd better use it with tightening pore essence and delicate pores astringent lotion.

How to Use Sheet Mask?
1. Cleansing your skin.
2. Apply your favorite toner.
3. Place the sheet mask on your face.
4. Wait 20 minutes before removing the sheet mask.
5. Don't wash your face to lock the moisture.
6. Apply serum, eye cream & moisturizer to your face.

1.Keep away from fire and moisture.
2.Manual measurement has a certain deviation, please prevail in kind.

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