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MINISO Floral Series Rectangle Organizer (Small)- Multicolour, Storing Organizer, Home, Desk

par Miniso CA
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1.MINISO rectangle shaped organizer.

2.The composition of the fabrics allow it to be lightweight, durable and durable.

3.Foldable, space-saving.

4.It comes with ample space to accommodate the things easily.

5.Organizers are the best way to keep your home, desk or office clutter free.

Keep your desk or table clutter free as you use this MINISO rectangle organizer. The organizer is a great solution to organize and manage your things better. It has ample space to accommodate all your essentials. The floral print adds to the aesthetics of the organizer.

Product feature: Foldable, space-saving. Tha handles on the sides make it easy to move.

Material: 65% cotton, 35% polyester

1. Do not knead and do not wash.
2. Made of fabrics. Keep away from fire.

Store in a dry and ventilated place. Avoid humidity and direct sunlight.

We assure you that every item is the best. We establish a product center for 300 people to pick each item, and actually try out all the samples, then carefully screening them again and again.
We assure you that the production process is fine. We visit global raw material production and processing sites to select the best raw material, be exquisite to a single needle or a piece of thread.
We assure you that everything is guaranteed. We establish a quality inspection center with more than 500 people for strictly filtering every item for you.