MINISO Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Portable Speaker

MINISO Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Portable Speaker That Can Fit In Your Pocket But Loud Enough to Fill The Room Speaker Bluetooth With Built-in Hd Microphone And Mircro SD Memory Card Slot  White Rabbit

1.THE TINY SPEAKER THAT "COULD": Don't Look Down On Its Size, The Sound Is A Beast For It's Size.

2.PORTABLE AND COMPACT SOUND: With Its 3W Loudspeaker Outputs It Creates The Perfect Sound Effect.

3.USB RECHARGABLE:With A Capacity Of 400mah,This Cute Speaker Has A Runtime Of Up To 4 Hours.

4.BUILT IN MICROPHONE AND MICRO SD SLOT:You Can Answer Calls Or Save Phone Battery By Playing With Memory Card.

5.MATERIAL:Silicone housing and iron mesh design. Premium craft, very good gift for Speaker fans.

Material: Silicone Housing.
Package Material: PVC BOX+PAPER CARD.

1. BT connectivity.
2. Adorable animated design.
3. BT 4.0 + EDR RDA.
4. Soft silicone housing.
5. 3W loudspeaker drive unit outputs perfect sound effect.
6. Built-in HD micro-phone.
7. USB rechargeable with built-in battery rated at 400mAh.
8. Runtime up to 4 hours.
9. With TF card slot. Can play music in TF card.

1. Recharge the speaker only with the included charging cord to avoid damaging the product.
2. This product contains magnet, consult a doctor if you have any metal implant.
3.Avoid direct sunlight.Keep away from moist area.

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