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MINISO Basketball Hoop for Kids Over the Door Portable Mini Stand Hoops Backboard Toys Shooting Rim Basket Ball Indoor Bedroom Outdoor Games Preschool Educational for Boys Teenagers

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EASY TO INSTALL-The structure of the basketball board is simple and can be installed on the door or other places in just a few steps. Kids can save a lot of time to start a basketball game quickly.
FALL IN LOVE WITH SPORTS-Portable basketball hoop can cultivate childrens interest in sports from childhood, shooting can enhance childrens immunity and strengthen their body.
FUN FAMILY GAMES-Parents can have a fun basketball game with their children at home, providing opportunities for indoor activities in bad weather, rather than being bored at home.
ADJUSTABLE BASKETBALL HOOP-Hang the basketball stand toy on the door, bed frame, furniture, etc. They can freely choose the height and distance of the basketball to fit the height of the child.
DURABLE BASKETBALL BOARD-The basketball stand is made of high-quality and durable materials, which can last for even the most intense basketball games in the home or office.
Material:ABS PVC PP.
Packaging Materials:paper.
NOTE:Not for children under 3 years old. Please use under adult supervision.

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