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MINISO Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

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Color: Light Brown
The MINISO eyebrow pencils with its soft and glide smooth lining will stay for a long time and let you stay beautiful all day long.
The eyebrow pencil to keep the brows in place, which is extremely save space and easy to carry.
The eye brow pencil comes with a unique precision tip designed to give you evenly filled, defined brows and styles your eyebrows precisely.
This makeup products in beauty helps to draw perfectly arches with its grey colour and gives you naturally fuller and Intense lined brows.
How to Use:Fill in the brow gently with the eyebrow pencil, using short, regular strokes to mimic natural hair.
Eyebrow pencil and eyebrow brush kit, easily creates a glamorous 3D eyebrow makeup.

Outline the shape with the pencil, then fill it and draw finely your eyebrow, and then blend it carefully with the eyebrow brush.
1. 1.5mm extra fine tip applies precisely, creating fine eye looks.
2. The soft color and fine texture of it glides on smoothly to create a delicate and natural 3D eye looks.
1. Do not use the product if there is open wound or eczema. Please use makeup remover when removing makeup. Avoid contact with the eyes.
2. Avoid high temperature, and store in cool place.

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