MINISO Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mat, Pink Leaves

  • $28.45
1. THICK AND LIGHT YOGA MAT-Made with durable yet lightweight material, 5mm thick for extra comfort.
2. BETTER POSES & POSTURE-Practice better yoga or Pilates even without the help of an instructor. Our yoga mat features guidance lines that let you focus on the alignment and balance of your body.
3. STICKY NON-SLIP TEXTURE-Yoga mat is featured in classic colors with a textured non slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip in all types of yoga, even heated practices and hot yoga.
4. INCLUDES STRAP-Perfect for You to Conveniently Bring It to The Gym, park or anywhere you exercise.
5. EASY TO CLEAN-Made with water repellent material making it easy to clean and maintain.

Material: PVC.
Packaging Materials: PVC.
Spread it flatly on the floor after unpacking. You can do yoga, aerobic exercise or other exercises on it.

1. Avoid long-term sunlight and contact with high temperature. Clean it regularly. Keep away from fire sources.
2. Store at normal temperature.

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