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5 items under $5 for that extra Halloween look!

5 items under $5 for that extra Halloween look!

It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes and makeup ideas. Are you a makeup lover but you don’t have either a steady hand, 3 hours of free time to spare, or 101 sets of eye shadows for fancy glamorous looks? If yes, let me swing your way 5 simplest yet timeless Halloween makeup looks for the coming October 31st. And if you’re like me who don’t want to spend a fortune on one-use-a-year makeup, grab our $6.95 MINISO Mini poni Jewel Shine Lipsticks and $2.99 MINISO Pittura - Long Lasting Nail Polish with an extra 31% OFF!! Hurry up! Check out our Halloween Kick-off collection! The promotion ends on Friday October 1st.

1. The easiest

Halloween Easy Look Promotion

It literally takes a couple of minutes to finish this look and you’re off to the races. You can’t go wrong with Black on Halloween and easily spice it up with wigs or any other accessories. All you need is dark/black lipsticks and nail polishes.

2. The skull
    Halloween Easy Skull Look Promotion

    All-time favorite Halloween look which could be mysterious, creepy, and beautiful as well if you decide to try on the Coco-inspired gorgeous makeup. Just add to cart our $3.95 MINISO Smile Longwear Liquid Blush to boost your creativeness.

    3. The smudgy

    Halloween Easy Smudgy Look Promotion

    A surprisingly simple way to get ready for Halloween! Scare away your fellows with imperfect smudgy dark eyelids and lips. Bonus points if you pair the look with an edgy expression.

    4. The crisp line

    Halloween Easy Chic Look Promotion

    If you want to celebrate October 31st with a classy sexy look instead, try out these neat blocks of colors precisely painted. You can conveniently turn from everyday cute makeup to Halloween night in your office washroom. Tapes and q tips will definitely be helpful!

    5. The spider

    Spider Halloween Easy Look Promotion

    All you need is our MINISO Long-Lasting Eyebrow Pencil + Eyebrow Powder to create the Halloween-y spider web that matches quite many themes from mummies to witches. If you are clumsy like me, a simple web with dark lips is enough.
    Spider Halloween Easy Look Promotion

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