About Miniso

Sticking to the life philosophy of “simplicity, nature and good quality” and the brand proposition of “returning to the nature”, MINISO focuses on life supplies with aesthetics. With the core values of excellent product design, high cost per formance and comfortable shopping experience,

MINISO gains popularity among consumers, which sets the personalized consumption trend in the household market.
MINISO has reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 80 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Malaysia,
Hong Kong (China) and Macau (China), with an average monthly growth rate of 80 - 100 stores.

MINISO advocates the philosophy of quality life and in the brand spirit of “respecting consumers”, dedicates itself to providing customers with products of “high quality, competitive price and creativity”. MINISO earns love from the consumers which are aged from 18 to 35 in majority due to its simple and quality features and keeping pace with consumption trend.

MINISO established a new type of life aesthetics collection store, which has become the significant business in the department stores and shopping malls along with restaurant, fast fashion clothing and enter tainment. It strives to provide consumers with smar ter, simpler and cozier products, so that consumers can experience relaxed and happy lifestyles when shopping.

Taking product structure optimization and product management as its priority, MINISO insists on selecting materials from all over the world. 80% of the design is from Japan, South Korea, Sweden,Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia and China, etc. While pursuing high quality and intelligent technology,