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MINISO x Marvel - Small Sticky Notes Set - 1 box (Random pick)

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1. Unique design of Marvel superhero, feature licensed characters
2. Have the confidence to leave important messages on multiple surfaces including computer monitors, office doors, and walls.
3. Super value with different characters
4. Super Sticky Notes hold stronger and longer than most sticky notes so that you can be sure that your message gets through.
5. The Sticky Notes will stick to binders, monitors, desktops, and even glass ceilings. You can write a note on these stickies and post it anywhere!

After writing the text on the post-it, fold it up along the fold of the post-it and the character of the post-it will stand up.

Material: 80g Writing Paper

1. Keep away from fire
2. Please place in a dry & ventilated place to avoid moisture.