MINISO Mist Spray Bottle 50ML

  • $1.15

MINISO Mist Spray Bottle 50ML Airless Pump Spray Bottle Matte Makeup Bottle Easy To Carry For Travel

1.GREAT AIRLESS TRAVEL BOTTLES SET: The airless Fine Mist Spray Bottle comes with Airless Pump, refillable with 30ml, enough for your Traveling and daily life.
2.HIGH QUALITY AIRLESS DISPENSER & NO NEED FOR A TUBE :Matte Pure White Bottle Body+Clear Lid,Made of high quality PP plastic, BPA free & TSA Airline Approved. 3.VERSATILE TRAVEL CONTAINER: Ideal for refilling alcohol,essences, toners, tonics, rosewater,essential oils or moisturizer toner, skin-care water other liquid spray mist shape water.
4.GREAT-DESIGNED & SEALING, LEAK-PROOF: Easy Squeeze Without Fatigue. The airless bottle have a good sealing.The formulation can be used out fully. No air contact with formulation, so as to keep the active.
5.TRAVEL SIZE: 50ml / 1.7 OZ Airless Pump Bottle takes little place in your luggage while the capacity is very enough for the short time business trip, vacation trip, travel, gym, school or outdoor activities etc.

1. For storing skin care products such as lotions.
2. Please do not store food or beverage in the container. Do not add in organic solvents to avoid deterioration of material.
3. Please use as soon as possible after the content is stored in the container, do not store for over 6 months.