MINISO Pink Cotton Pads 180 Sheets

  • $4.45

MINISO Pink Cotton Pads 180 Sheets Soft for Cleaning Wiping Makeup Remover, Pink
Add a gentle touch to your face while cleansing with these MINISO cotton pads. The cotton pads are perfect to use for cleansing the face or wiping off the makeup. It is a set of 180 sheets.

1.MINISO cotton pads are suitable to use on face, neck, and nails.
2.The cotton pads effortlessly removes the make-up, dirt and oil from the face with greater absorbency and softness.
3.You will feel the softness and gentleness of the cotton pads on the skin as you start using them.
4.One cotton pad wipes off excess make-up.
5.The pack comes with 180 cotton pads for beauty and hygiene.

Degreasing Cotton

Unique double design in pink, soft and comfortable, not easy to fuzzing. Pating after putting some toner on it will help to permeate and deeply nourish skin. White mesh uneven surface features better function of makeup removing.

1. Keep clean after opening to avoid dust.
2. Please keep out of the reach of children.