MINISO x We Bare Bears - Type-C Data Cable with Fast Charging and Data Transfer

  • $11.95
1. Connect USB Type-C enabled devices (MacBook, Chromebook Pixel, Galaxy Note 10, etc.) with standard USB Type-A enabled devices (laptops, hard drives, power banks, wall/car chargers, etc.)
2. Ideal for charging and powering USB Type-C enabled devices, as well as syncing data, photos, and music; Type-C port is half the width and one-third the height of a standard USB-A connector (slightly larger compared to Lightning or Micro-USB ports)
3. Reversible design—easily insert the Type-C connector into any Type-C enabled device (does not matter which side is up)
4. Chic and portable, the material is firm and durable, with strong impact-resistance and resistance to high and low temperature.
5. Performance parameters: rated voltage-DC 5V, rated current-2.1A.

How to use:
1. One end of USB port connects the charger, the other end connects cellphone's or laptop's Type-C port to realize charging or data transmission;
2. When connecting device, plug in parallel with the device port.

Material: TPE
Package Material: Color card+PVC

1. Keep the head of the port away from water, or may cause fire or even disaster;
2. Do not disassemble the product, or it may cause the product to fail or short-circut or on fire.
3. Fireproof, dampproof, windproof. Keep it dry and keep away from corrosive gas.

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