MINISO Ultrathin Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver for Laptop Computer, Silver

  • $11.95
1. WIRELESS TRANSMISSION- A more secure and precise experience than the traditional FM radio system with an increased working distance of up to 10m.
2. FLEXIBLE AND PRECISE-The mouse is of left, middle and right buttons. Precise optical trace. (resolution: 1200 DPI, 125Hz transmission frequency). Flexible and smooth control. Precise trace and operation.
3. DURABLE AND SAFE-The left and right buttons can be used more than one million times. Operation voltage: 1.5V, current: 15mA. Safe to use. convenient to operate.
4. EXQUISITE DESIGN-Ultrathin design, fashionable color, smooth lines. Convenient to be operated by both hands.
5. USAGE-One AA battery is required to be put in with correct poles. And then plug USB receiver into computer. Turn on the switch at the bottom of the mouse. Then you can use it. Available for computers of all system and brands.

Material: Plastic.
Packaging Materials: PVC+PAPER CARD.
1. Open the battery cover and put into one AA battery.
2. Insert the receiver into the USB port on computer.
1. Fashionable ultrathin design, easy to carry.
2. Auto sleep design saves power and prolongs standby time.
3. Strong anti-interference ability with 10m operating range.
4. 125Hz transmission frequency. 1200 DPI precise positioning.
5. Support hot plug.
6. Comfortable and smooth scroll wheel design.
1. Protect it from water.
2. Do not disassemble it by yourself.
3. Do not drop it.
4. Do not put it in a humid, magnetic or high-temperature place.

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