MINISO Snow Globe Music Box with LED light

  • $9.73
  • $19.45

1.Santa Claus and Reindeer snow globe led night light with music.

2.Resin base and glass ball.

3.LED luminous crystal ball music box can not Rotating,need 3 AAA batteries(Battery not included).

4.Display it on the fireplace mantel, Window sill, Book shelf or curio cabinet. Place in the kitchen, Dining room, Living room or bathroom,Etc.

5.Give your friends the best holiday gift and wish you a happy holiday!

How to use:
1.Put in 3 new batteries (Type: 1.5V,AAA, batteries are not included in the product),with correct polarity(refer to the actual batteries).
2.After that, you can turn on or turn off with the switch.

Material: Glass, PVC, Cloth, Liquid
Packaging Materials: paper

1. This product is only used for interior decoration, not as a toy, and is not for children.
2. If the light is damaged or lost, please do not continue to use to avoid the risk of electric shock.
3. The light source of product is not replaceable.

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